Maintenance Services Critical Outage Factors

Saulsbury's Maintenance Experts Share Their Industry Experience.

I am very proud to be part of such a strong team of industry leaders.  As you read the leadership thoughts below, you will read the core values of Saulsbury Industries.  It is these core values and this team that brings decades of experience to deliver repeated outage successes in multiple industrial industries.  Saulsbury also has a significant amount of owner experience, which equates to a deep understanding of the overall business aspects of each owner, in addition to the execution and communication expectations during each specific project. 

David Clem Saulsbury Industries

David Clem, Senior Vice President

Comprehensive vetting and careful selection of the right contractor is critical when planning for an outage.  Selecting a contractor is more than just picking the low price – the right contractor must have not only the leadership and craft with the right project experience to execute the outage scope, but also should have the core values that align with the owner.  Saulsbury’s integrity and commitment to build relationships with clients align with what owners are looking for in an environment where not everything always goes as planned – a trusted partner during the challenging times is more valuable than can be quantified.

Freddy Dorough Saulsbury Industries

Freddy Dorough, Director of Operations

When preparing for an outage, the best thing for all parties is to collaboratively define the scope of work. My 30 years of outage experience in multiple industries has shown me that the scope of work and alignment with the owner/contractor is the best way to execute a successful outage.  Defining this scope of work also helps prepare all parties should the need for contingency plans arise.

Henry Morgan Saulsbury Industries

Henry Morgan, Director of Operations
Meticulous execution planning is the most critical factor for a successful outage.  This planning starts with planning for personnel safety of not just the project team but for all personnel that may be near the work.  With an execution plan focused on safety and a robust quality management plan, the work scope has a vastly increased success rate.  Saulsbury invests a significant amount of time and money to ensure these factors are developed and then proper training for all personnel is in place prior to outage start. 

Tony Page Saulsbury Industries

Tony Page, Director of Operations
To truly improve outage-over-outage, the owner's project management team should become aligned with your contractor of choice regarding value added programs that may be implemented to provide significant cost savings.  When owners and contractors are in alignment on the pursuit of excellence in every facet of project execution and are committed to the project controls requirements to accurately assess and project performance, continuous improvements can be realized year over year.   

Lanny South Saulsbury Industries

Lanny South, Vice President, Maintenance and Construction